TORBOT™ SkinTac ™ Adhesive Wipes

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Torbot’s SkinTac ™ Adhesive Barrier Wipes prepare the skin for application of tapes, dressings, ostomy appliances, infusion sets, compression stockings and much more. This unique “tacky” skin barrier is hypo-allergenic and latex free, which makes it ideal for patients with sensitive skin.

No matter what you’re sticking to your body, Torbot’s SkinTac ™ wipes will help it adhere better, last longer, save you money, and protect your skin!

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Torbot’s SkinTac ™ adhesive barrier wipes are designed prepare the skin for the attachment of medical adhesive tapes and other medical adhesives. Skin Tac™ Wipes not only prepare the skin, they also increase adhesion while protecting the skin from irritation caused by adhesives.

If anyone in your family leads a very active life such as playing sports, (even swimming!) and needs the assurance that an appliance will stay in place, SkinTac™ is for them!


Wipe out problems with SkinTac ™ Adhesive Wipes

Skin Tac is clear non-rubber adhesive, in a convenient, travel-friendly disposable wipe, for use on skin as a base before applying adhesives or tapes.

  • Tapes adhere better with SkinTac ™ wipes
  • SkinTac ™ wipes are latex free
  • A hypo-allergenic adhesive in convenient wipes
  • Easily removed with TacAway ™ or alcohol
  • Economical way to add extra adhesion
  • Effective skin barrier reduces skin irritation

Partial list of applications

  • Insulin pump infusion
  • Set adhesion
  • Continuous glucose meter adhesion
  • Adherence of ostomy appliances
  • Securing of laryngectomy voice prostheses
  • Adhering prosthetic devices
  • Keeping support stockings in place
  • Adhering electrodes
  • Better adherence of medicinal patches
  • Use to keep mastectomy breast forms in place
  • Use with all tapes and dressings

How to apply SkinTac ™ Wipes

  1. Skin must be clean and dry
  2. Wipe area where appliance or tapes are to be applied
  3. Allow to air dry
  4. Skin will become tacky
  5. Apply appliance and/or tape

How to remove SkinTac ™ Wipes

Remove appliance. Should residue of SkinTac ™ remain at point of contact, remove with TacAway ™ adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol. Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.


Does not contain benzoin. Latex free. For external use only.

CAUTION: Skin irritation with SkinTac ™ wipes is very rare. Should irritation occur, discontinue use immediately.


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