Staysput Roll-on Body Adhesive

£13.00 incl. VAT

Staysput is an invisible hypo-allergenic water washable adhesive. Designed to be comfortable, it stays flexible to move with your skin.



Staysput is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical:
    • Holds breast prosthetics in place
    • Prevents surgical stockings slipping
    • Ideal for anti-embolism support hosiery to prevent DVT on long haul flights
  • Dance & Theater:
    • Stops dancing socks from slipping
    • Holds warm up socks onto Lycra
    • Sticks body jewelry and glitter
    • Ideal for gymnastics and Irish Dancing.
  • Fashion:
    • Prevents dress straps slipping
    • Use Staysput for strapless bras and open fronted dresses to choose how much or how little YOU want to reveal
    • No need for hold ups or suspenders for silk stockings
    • Stops nylon tights sagging
  • Sports:
    • Stops heavy duty socks and shin pads from slipping
    • Prevent joggers nipple
    • Staysput can even stop spectacles from slipping


Staysput needs no scrubbing to remove. This body glue is designed to wash off with cold water. This easy-to-use adhesive is available in liquid form in a roll on bottle, making it perfect for applying to the skin.


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